A King’s Birthday

My father was a child of Harlem.  The Black Mecca, Home of the Harlem Renaissance, the world famous Apollo Theater, Sylvia’s soul food restaurant, several hip-hop pioneers, and many generations of Black families who like ours, came North from Trinidad or Suriname like my father’s parents, or the Deep South like my mother’s parents, and […]



  My sweet lady, my best friend, the love of my life. How do I begin to tell the story of our love, of a proud lioness and her youngest cub, of the perfect mother son relationship? How I could always be truthful with you, how I loved making you laugh, how I work each […]

Birthday Love

Happy Birthday to my future wife, my queen, my most precious gift. Sharing my life with you so far has been a joy and a blessing. Today and everyday for the rest of your life, I will celebrate you, honor you, love and protect you, as you have done for me. So much joy awaits you. […]

Letter to a Veteran

My Dear Uncle Carlton, First off, happy Veteran’s Day.  Even though we’ve never met, with each turn of the earth, on this day you are especially present with me in mind and spirit.  I am your baby brother Paul’s youngest son, and due to the separation of time, you don’t know me at all.  But […]

Some Lives Matter

The string of high profile murders of unarmed blacks by police this past summer hit all of black America hard psychologically. Viewing the destruction of black life every other day on video and in our newsfeeds by public servants and citizens alike, without justice or accountability, followed by white America’s urge to justify these murders, […]

Election Day Meditations Part 1 – American Racists in Germany

Last month in Wismar Germany, a white supremacist organization, “Europa Terra Nostra” held what they termed a “Freedom Congress”.  The event was attended by white nationalists from around the world, including several American representatives.  Among the American speakers at this conference were neo-nazis, holocaust deniers, an anti-semite professor, a former Trump Delegate, and another man […]