Birthday Love


Happy Birthday to my future wife, my queen, my most precious gift. Sharing my life with you so far has been a joy and a blessing. Today and everyday for the rest of your life, I will celebrate you, honor you, love and protect you, as you have done for me. So much joy awaits you. Waking up on your birthday in a beautiful house that YOU own, with a ring on your finger, with me, 2 cats and a 100 pound Doberman sneezing farting kissing and climbing all over you is just the beginning.  You’ve carried me through the greatest trials of my life, building the foundation for my career and our future, while mourning the loss of my parents, and I will spend the rest of my life spoiling you with my love and gratitude in return.


You never doubted me, even when I began to doubt myself, you were and are my rock, my support, my inspiration, my reason to get up and face each day with confidence,
gently pushing me to be the best version of myself, whether it’s reminding me to put my keys, wallet, and phone in the same place each day so I don’t go crazy every morning trying to find them, to pick up after myself, or tell friends, loved ones and Jiu Jitsu “No” when I need to focus, preparing nourishing meals with love to get me through my endless days of studying, rubbing my back and kissing my head at night, promising to never leave my side in times of joy as well as struggle.


Each day you not only give me the confidence and courage to conquer every challenge,
but lead by example, going to work saving lives. You’re a Saint in my life and in the lives of countless children. I remember you telling me one day how making a difference in the life of a child was the only reward you needed or wanted in your work, what made you get up every day to face heartbreaking cases of child abuse, neglect, and death, undoubtedly a great trauma to such a loving and gentle spirit, but a necessary task.  A calling that you embrace, and face daily with courage and resilience.  In my life and theirs, you are a constant force of love and light.  You possess a genuine, caring spirit, deep compassion and a selfless devotion to service.  Your example motivates and inspires me, a daily reminder of why I chose my own path of service in medicine.


Your love, loyalty, and devotion to me has been as faithful as the sunrise.
It’s been my beacon, my pillar of strength to lean on, the fuel to my own fire,
flickered by my devastating losses, but now raging stronger than ever,
given oxygen by your laugh, your touch, your smile, your guidance, your strength.
You’ve made the most important decision of my life the easiest one,
and I can’t wait to raise a family with you.
Happy birthday my love.



2 thoughts on “Birthday Love

  1. Absolutely wonderful! She sounds like a remarkable woman and I’m so happy to see that you have a full appreciation for everything that she brings into your life! I’m sure you balance her out as well! Many blessings in your future marriage and all the great things that come along with it!


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